VRC Worlds

I mostly do worlds from bases that I mix and edit.

For each world, a Credits panel is shown near the spawn with all credits listed.

cozy home in the woods

A world for our friends to chill in.

  • Base: Cozy home in the woods by spookyghostboo
  • SDK2 World ported to SDK3
  • Added ProTV (Global + locals), Games, World controls (darkness, player toggles, etc.), OpenFlight, AudioLink, LTCGI and VRSL
  • Showcase pictures from friends group

Yet Another Photo Studio

A Photo studio with a bunch of props.

Home Island

A WIP world.


A WIP world.

Lookoot Tower

A WIP/Test world.

ottpossum nest

First world, smoll and cozy.

  • Base: Nest by Artsy Glitch
  • Replaced player with ProTV, added pictures of my fursona, various cosmetics and assets changes

ottpossum party ship

Previous friends group world.

Various assets you might find useful