Here is some links where you can find more stuff I do.

I take photos and make OpenSource softwares and hardware projects.

I work mainly with Python and Go for softwares and C & Teensy embedded controllers for hardware.

I have an insatiable appetite for retrocomputing and likes to tinkle with sparc32 and m68k architecture.

You can find more of some of my projects below, or links in the sidebar.

Some OpenSource projects

git.txt (go)

Like GH Gists but OpenSource, also git-backed.

custom keyboard

Full size orthogonal keyboard with programmable firmware and Cherry MX switches.

Amiga 2000 KiCAD

Full v6.2 schematics and PCB recreation of the Amiga 2000 in KiCAD, boards works.

Reflected Light Meter

Light-meter for video and photography made around a Teensy, OLED display, a battery charger and TSL2591 Light Sensor.

Contact me (FR/EN)

Here are some ways to contact me.