Dashie/Ottpossum Reference Sheet

Some characteristics:

  • Anthro Otter
  • Non binary MTF
  • meows frequently
  • has an ear tag on the left ear with text “emotional support plush”
  • very little boobs
  • has some belly, a bit, not much, but still-
  • has a trans flag in at least one place, that can change depending on outfit/other. (ex. end of tail, or ear, see details later)


  •       #cdb38e - Fur, like main torso and a part of head
  •       #764234 - Fur, main body color
  •       #521f1b - Markings, color of paws and feets with some gradient to main body color
  •       #421615 - Hair, main base color
  •       #9a0c44 - Hair streaks, as it’s said
  •       #3d57b8 - Eyes, they are cute :3
  •       #7023d9 - Whiskers and claws
  •       #398742 - Beans

For clothing:

  • A light blue like in the VRC refsheet, and green variations like the scarf.

Tatoos (all available in PSD):

  • The otter head in a triangle, top of right arm (from IRL tatoo)
  • Dangerous when wet (Class 4.3 “official” label), on left side of belly right on top of hips band
  • Fragile Handle with Care, on left arm right a bit before the wrist

Picture of details: